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Windshield Repair Should Not Be Done at Home

There are people that are driving on the road with a cracked or broken windshield. This is dangerous, but yet they push the limits. If you have a car with any issues, don't push it. It's better to seek out windshield repair as soon as you have a problem, then to wait. There are a few explanations why this is important, and it starts with safety.

Easy Repairs

First and foremost, if you want to ensure that your car is in tip-top shape, look for windshield repair as soon as you notice that there is a crack. If…

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Tire Service

The tires of your car are one of the things that take a beating everyday. As you drive the car on a regular basis, they will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. Fortunately there are a number of ways to keep your tires in the best possible condition before they get replaced. It will be necessary to rotate the tires with every oil change. This keeps the tires balanced and in position to perform at their best as long as possible. Along with rotating the tires, it is important to check the pressure and fill them up on…
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Buying vs Leasing a Car

One of the most significant decisions you will need to make when getting a new car is how to finance it. When looking to finance a car, buying is the most common option. With this particular financing option, you will get the car with a loan and be required to pay it back over the course of five to seven years. Over time, you will build equity and have complete ownership once the loan is paid off. You will also have trade in value as well.

Leasing a car provides benefits such as more affordable monthly payments...
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Check Engine Light: Is Your Head Gasket Cracked?

One of the more serious causes of a check engine light flashing is a broken head gasket. This can lead to your engine overheating. It is important to get this fixed before you end up stranded in the desert.

If a head gasket, cylinder head or block is cracked, it might be contaminating your coolant. One way to check this is to see if your oil is milky. Coolant might be leaking into your oil.

Your engine is a finely-tuned machine. When one part breaks, it might damage others around it. It is kind of like a hamstring injury; when…
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Chrysler Pacifica Earns Best Minivan for the Money Award

The all-new 2017 Chrysler Pacifica was recently named the Best Minivan for the Money by U.S. News & World Report, the world's leading authority in consumer advice and rankings. The awards are given to vehicles, in 20 automotive categories, that offer the best mixture of quality and value.


A photo posted by ChryslerAutos (@chryslerautos) on

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Your Cars.com Best of 2017 Winner: the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica

We remember those obsessed with winning: Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, Tom Brady, for example. Now we can add the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica to that list. The Pacifica was named the Best of 2017 winner by Cars.com. The Best of 2017 award isn't exclusive to minivans or family vehicles. Nope, the Pacifica is legit the best of any vehicle in 2017.

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Putting The Ram ProMaster To Work

Sometimes a car is fun, but for hard workers, trucks always catch the eye first. If want to haul a load of timber, drive through a thick forest, or do anything of an "off-road" nature you're going to need a truck.

The Ram ProMaster
City van is the perfect alternative for hard workers navigating a more urban environment. It takes everything you love about trucks and takes away everything you could ever hate about them. With lots of room for storage -- up to 131.7 cubic feet -- you'll find even more than what you expect out of a…
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Ram Truck Owners Set New Guinness World Record

Ram Trucks are a staple in the livelihoods of many drivers across the world. Recently, Ram Truck enthusiasts took to the streets of Germany to set a new Guinness World Record!

On November 5, a swarm of Ram Trucks hit the pavement at the Nu?rburgring in Nu?rburg, Germany to mark the largest parade of pickup trucks.

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